Superintendent's Newsletter, December 10, 2020

 To:     Bennie Polvos, Wayne van Zwoll, Matt West, Tracy Zahn, Maggie Ochoa

From:  Scott Sattler

CC:     Eddie Morales, Tami Jackson, Diane Hull, Mario Martinez, Jesse Macy, Shawna Weiding, Hanna Coffman, all staff. 

Date: 12/10/20

Re:      Supt. Report

Strategic Plan Improvement Goals


Cultivate data-driven decision making as the seed for future student growth.

Offer and cultivate rigorous and relevant learning opportunities.

Ripen strong community partnerships.

Employ a school culture where every student is respected, safe and academically challenged.


District items of interest:

The next regularly scheduled school board meeting is December 28, 2020 6:00 pm, MS Cafeteria.

December Enrollment = 744           Average Enrollment = 755        Our budget this year was set for 750


Cultivate data-driven decision making as the seed for future student growth.

We have a new strategic planning document that will outline our focus for the next 4 years.  These goals were developed over the past few months and approved by the board in the last school board meeting.  The strategic plan and goal will be shared right after the Christmas break so action plans can begin to form in order to make progress on our data points.  Look for that document shortly after the break.

MS students have started iReady winter benchmark assessment in both reading and math.

All juniors and seniors took the ASVAB, including Aurora students. In total 107 students took the test over a three day period.  The ASVAB is considered a pathway to meeting graduation requirements, should the students score high enough. 


Offer and cultivate rigorous and relevant learning opportunities.

Zoey Baxley 1st grade teacher is utilizing “Skype a Scientist”, which allows her classroom to virtually meet with a scientist about their field: next up they are going to be meeting with a scientist that studies frogs.


Ripen strong community partnerships

The Bridge Church in Tennessee is organizing a Coat Drive for K-8 students in Bridgeport. The church has a goal of 500 coats and will ship them directly to our elementary and middle school.  Brandon Jenicek for the MS and Angie Martinez for the elementary are heading this effort up. 

The Bridgeport High School B Kind Club now runs the Bridgeport Food Bank which is distributing food every two weeks.

Starting mid-January the website will get a face lift.  The look and design will change to be a little more user friendly.  Along with the new look there will be a Bridgeport School District App for mobile users.  Users will not only be able to access the website, but they will get notifications on what is called Thrillshare.  Thrillshare will allow teachers and staff to upload activities and school stories in real time.  This app will replace messenger so we can post (in real time) any notifications instantly.   


Employ a school culture where every student is respected, safe and academically challenged.

Bridgeport High School held a Super Saturday, December 5th 9:00-12noon.  Students were encouraged to come to the high school to get help with schoolwork, access to computers, and a quiet place to work.

We are now in our 10th week of Hybrid A/B model and we are in the 6th week of 9th grade attending and 2nd week of adding K-1, 6th, and 12th all sessions A and B.  We have no reported cases of COVID in the school district.  Much of this is because of our diligence in masking, screening at the door, and good hygiene. Currently there are no plans to bring more students until possibly the start of 2nd semester. 

Due to the COVID pandemic and our efforts to keep the spread of COVID, we are asking you to quarantine for 7 to 10 days after you travel out of state or country.  7 days with a negative COVID test result or 10 without and no symptoms. 


Upcoming Events     

12/18/20                      12:00 noon      Early Release                          Christmas Break

12/28/20                        6:00 pm         School Board Meeting

01/01/21                                              Happy New Year!

01/04/21                                              Welcome Back!