Superintendent's Newsletter, April 15, 2021

 To:     Bennie Polvos, Wayne van Zwoll, Matt West, Tracy Zahn, Maggie Ochoa 

From:  Scott Sattler

CC:     Eddie Morales, Tami Jackson, Diane Hull, Mario Martinez, Jesse Macy, Shawna Weiding

            Hanna Coffman, all staff. 

Date:  03/12/2021

Re:      Supt. Report

Strategic Plan Improvement Goals

Cultivate data-driven decision making as the seed for future student growth.

Offer and cultivate rigorous and relevant learning opportunities. 

Ripen strong community partnerships

Employ a school culture where every student is respected, safe and academically challenged. 

District items of interest:

 The next regularly scheduled school board meeting is February 22, 2021 6:00 pm, MS Cafeteria.

 March Enrollment = 739           Average Enrollment = 747       Our budget this year was set for 750

 Items of Interest:
Hanna Coffman will be our new Special Programs Director starting next school year.  We will begin the process of hiring a new principal for the Middle School.  

If you are planning to leave the district through retirement or just relocating to a different district, please let your building principal know as soon as possible.  We are starting to hire for positions now. 

Cultivate data-driven decision making as the seed for future student growth.

 As directed from OSPI, we will not be administering the Smarter Balanced Assessments or the Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science this spring. Instead, we will move our testing window to fall 2021. Please note, WA-AIM, ELPA21, and WIDA Alternate ACCESS remain open for testing this spring.

 Offer and cultivate rigorous and relevant learning opportunities.

 We are back in school full time with all students P-12.  It has been a little over a year since we have been in school full time.  It is important to keep staff and students healthy by Social Distancing (3 ft.), Wearing Masks, practicing good hygiene by washing hands frequently, and staying home if sick. 

 Bridgeport School District will be offering (K-8) Summer School starting June 21st and running six weeks.  We will be holding two separate sessions per day, with students either attending the AM or PM session.  This extended time frame will allow us to help students recover some of the learning loss that has been experienced due to the pandemic and the two sessions let us reach twice as many students.  Reading will be the primary focus, as in years past, but there will also be substantial emphasis placed on Mathematics.  There will also be enrichment time offered daily.

 Ripen strong community partnerships

 Kindergarten screenings will be May 11-12, 3:15-6:30pm

 Maggie Ochoa has resigned her position on the School Board. 

 Employ a school culture where every student is respected, safe and academically challenged.

 Leaving the District:

Lisa Cutuli

Molly Westlund

 Transfer to a New Position:

Hanna Coffman:  MS Principal to Special Programs Director

Kevin Morgan: 5th grade to Elementary Music

Mark Ward:  MS/HS PE/Health  to  5th grade

Mary Avalos:  K/1 to Kindergarten

 New to the District:

Samantha Hsu:  1st grade

Betty Allstot:  2nd grade

Alyssa Jamison:  School Farm/Ag teacher (MS/HS)

 Positions needed:

MS Principal/ Dean of Students

Elementary Librarian

 Upcoming Events     

             04/26/21          6 pm    School Board meeting           MS Cafeteria